Sanjay Agarwal

Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, Founder of ‘The Learning Movement’, popularly known among his fans & followers across the globe as ‘Time & Goal Guru’, is a Growth Accelerator Coach, TEDx speaker and an author.

Sanjay believes that everyone has more potential than he has unlocked so far. He helps professionals, entrepreneurs, corporates, educational institutes, networkers, sales teams, financial advisors, teachers & students to unlock their true potential by working on their goals, time utilisation patterns, procrastinating tendencies, communications, beliefs, habits & decision making through his worldwide popular ‘GOPTA Framework’, an ultimate growth model.

Before taking voluntarily retirement to serve his passion to help people grow in their personal & professional lives, he served Government of India in the Ministry of Finance for more than 25 years. These 25 years gave him huge experience to understand people deeply. After taking retirement, Sanjay set out to take the mentoring industry by storm by helping people chase their passion and dreams.

Sanjay being the creator of ‘GOPTA’ holds the copyright and the registered trademark for GOPTA. He helps people to reprogram their brains and create a cognitive synergy to accelerate their growth in personal & professional lives. GOPTA Mindset is bringing positive change in lives of people in a big way.

He has authored the bestselling books ‘Teachers Are Shapers’, ‘Murder Procrastination’, ‘How to Add 1000 Productive Hours a Year to Your Life’ and ‘Sleep - It’s Body Repair Time’.

He has also infused GOPTA with NLP and conducts workshops and seminars on 'GOPTA NLP Framework' for entrepreneurs, students, sales representatives, educational institutions, and corporates under the brand name 'GOPTA NLP'.

Simplicity of communications is his stronghold. He communicates most complicated concepts in such a simple way that anyone can easily understand, imbibe & implement.

He has also done fusion of his growth model ‘GOPTA’ with the concepts of NLP and has created GOPTA NLP Framework. He is the Founder of International GOPTA NLP Academy. Famous for his oratory skills, Sanjay has given keynote speeches at different international NLP conferences like ‘International NLP Conference’ and ‘International NLP Confex for Business Excellence’.

He is the direct disciple of Dr. Lucas Derks, Founder of Society of Mental Space Psychology, Netherlands, who taught Sanjay the ‘Social Panorama’ model of mental space psychology. This gave him that extra edge to understand people’s aspirations, challenges and offer solutions in a manner which people can understand, imbibe and implement in their lives.

His vision is to help millions of people reclaim their zeal for life by improving their soft skills and adopting actionable strategies of accelerated success and growth. ‘GOPTA Learning Gurukul’ plays a pivotal role in achieving this vision come true where he intends to see maximum people become lifelong learners and grow exponentially.

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