Learning Coins Policy

One of the most unique features of ‘The Learning Movement’ is the ‘Learning Coins’ Mechanism. With a vision to instill the habit of becoming a lifelong learner, our aim is that maximum people take advantage of the learning available through our Platform, www.thelearningmovement.com .

The ‘GOPTA Learning Gurukul’ is an umbrella name given to the programs conducted by our Chief Trainer and Founder of the Learning Movement, namely, Sanjay Kumar Agarwal to instill the ultimate growth model GOPTA, created by Sanjay Kumar Agarwal. The GOPTA Learning Gurukul consists of 1. GOPTA Learning Community (Whether annual/ 6 monthly/ monthly subscription); 2. Pre-recorded workshops/ programs; 3. Events/ Workshops/ Seminars - whether offline or online conducted by Sanjay Kumar Agarwal.

The Members of the GOPTA Learning Gukukul will be entitled to earn the Learning Coins. Free users are not entitled to earn any learning coins.

While we intend to promote learning in all forms (whether in the forms of seminar/ workshops, skills development, books or any other form), we also intend to reward the efforts of the Members of the GOPTA Learning Gurukul in spreading awareness about of The Learning Movement and encouraging people to join the GOPTA Learning Gurukul.

As our gratitude, whenever a person who has joined using your Referral ID buys his first learning in the form of a program/ workshop/ periodic community listed under GOPTA Learning Gurukul, you get rewarded with some ‘Learning Coins’.

Who is entitled to earn the ‘Learning Coins’ and how he can earn?

An individual above the age of 18 years, or a minor with the permission (or consent) of their parent or legal guardian, can join ‘The Learning Movement’ by simply creating an account on the Platform. The Learner will have a unique Registration ID which theyhe can use to refer to other individuals to joins so that people joining ‘The Learning Movement’ are linked to his unique Registration ID.

START OF ENTITLEMENT - After creating your account, whenever you make your first purchase out of the ‘GOPTA Learning Gurukul’ Catalog, you unlock doors of earning the learning coins on the purchases made by your Level 1 referrals and Level 2 referrals. To clarify, Level 1 referrals are those who join ‘The Learning Movement’ using your unique referral ID/ QR Code and Level 2 referrals are those who join ‘The Learning Movement’ using the unique referral ID/ QR code of your Level 1 referral.

It is to clarify that those users who have created FREE account but have not themselves purchased anything out of the ‘GOPTA Learning Gurukul’ Catalog will not be entitled to earn ‘the learning coins’, until they themselves make their first purchase.

Unique Features of 'Learning Coins' Mechanism

This ‘Learning Coins’ Mechanism has 5 unique and never before features & attraction to make your learning experience even more pleasant and smooth. I am explaining them all here.

  • Value of 1 Learning Coin - 100% Value - One learning coin is worth Re. 1 thus giving you 100% value. It is huuuuuuuuge. We are not saying that you will get only 1 Rupee for 20 coins or 50 coins or 100 learning coins. We are giving you full credit and this is unique feature. This unmatched transparency shows our gratitude for spreading the learning habit and at the same time ensures that you receive the full credit, you deserve.
  • 100% Usage permitted at a time - If you have learning coins at your credit, you can buy the premium learning. And hold your breath, we don’t limit you during usage of your learning coins and we allow you to use 100% of the learning coins at your credit to buy premium learning. Once again, it is a unique feature.
  • Rewards till 2 levels deep - Further, in normal world, you get referral bonus or affiliate bonus, by whatever name you call it, for the purchases made by the persons introduced by you. We will not limit your learning coins here only. We will grant you learning coins even for the purchases by 2nd level deep. Suppose, you are A and you introduce B and B introduces C, you get some ‘learning coins’ on first purchase by B as well as some ‘learning coins’ on first purchase by C.
  • Lifelong entitlement even for subsequent purchases - In normal world, if you refer someone and any company gets sale, they reward you once. The Learning Coins Mechanism is travelling beyond rewarding just the first purchase. We will continue to express our gratitude by continuously granting you ‘Learning Coins’ even for the subsequent purchases made by those, you introduced to the Learning Movement, as long as you are alive. This means that even for the subsequent purchases by B and C, you will get some ‘learning coins’. The entitlement of learning coins will be mentioned against each workshop in the catalog. This makes the learning coins mechanism even more special and this is yet another revolutionary feature of the ‘learning coins’ mechanism.
  • Encashment permissible - Though, the primary purpose of granting the learning coins is to empower you to purchase the learning available at the portal, if you find that you have more learning coins at your credit than you need to buy any learning, you can redeem the learning coins as well @Re. 1 for each learning coin earned, obviously subject to the taxation provisions like TDS & GST etc and transfer charges etc.

    In a way, the ‘Learning Coins Mechanism’ makes our model completely unique and unparalleled. It can’t be termed as affiliate or referral marketing because we are not limiting your rewards to the first purchase. It can’t be termed as network marketing because we are not asking you to create a group and buy the products or services from us and then sell them to your group members. This is simply our gratitude towards spreading the benefits of becoming the lifelong learner. You don’t have to chase anyone to buy. You don’t have to buy and sale. You don’t have to convince anyone to build network. Nothing. You just spread learning habit. Even if the people introduced by you to the learning movement for FREE, they will enjoy lifelong FREE learning, which is available at the portal.
When the ‘Learning Coins’ will be distributed

In case of pre-recorded learning available at the portal for purchase & watch, the learning coins will be distributed at the end of every month in respect of the purchases made by your Level 1 and Level 2 referrals during that particular month.

In case of workshops/programs to be held on the future date beyond the close of the month, the Learning Coins will be distributed in the month during which the workshop/program is scheduled to begin.

The Learning Coins earned during a particular month will be calculated & credited within 5 days after the month ends and will be shown in the dashboard of the Learner.

The disbursal will be subjected to 5% admin & handling charges, GST & TDS provisions. It will be the responsibility of the ‘Learner’ to cross check the quantum of the ‘learning coins’ earned during the month and report discrepancies, if any, latest by 15th date of that particular month, failing which no claim will be entertained.

Disclaimer: The company reserves the right to suitably reward any person or group of persons or Institute or any legal entity for spreading awareness about The Learning Movement and helping people to join & buy the learning available at our portal. This payment will be over & above the ‘Learning Coins’ Mechanism and will be decided solely at the discretion of the company to reward individual or collective efforts. Nobody shall be entitled to claim special rewards over & above the ‘Learning Coins’ mechanism as a matter of right.

Tax Treatment of the ‘Learning Coins’

As per the taxation laws, the ‘Learning Coins’ granted to you are in the nature of earning as referral bonus and will be subject to all taxation provisions related to TDS, GST and any other applicable laws, whether present or future.

How ‘Learning Coins’ can be utilised or redeemed?

Though you will start earning the learning coins once a person referred by you makes his first purchase of any workshop/ program listed in the GOPTA Leanring Gurukul Catalog (whether pre-recorded online programs or any online/ offline live workshop), you will be able to utilise the learning coins ONLY after you complete your KYC i.e. upload PAN Card and Aadhaar and duly verify the Aadhaar with the OTP received at the mobile number registered with Aadhaar. It has to be done to honour taxation laws and to ensure that one person creates only 1 unique ID as a learner.

Once your KYC is complete, the learning coins can be used:-
  • To buy any learning program/ workshop/ periodic community available at the catalog of the Learning Movement;
  • If the accumulated learning coins at your credit are more than a threshold limit (Which is 10,000/- at present and which can be revised at sole discretion of the company anytime) and you don’t want to buy the learning available at the portal of ‘The Learning Movement’, you can withdraw the ‘learning coins’ at your credit or part thereof, subject to payment of transfer charges, as you have to bear the expenses related to the transfer.
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